Solid Art 2nd Anniversary Exhibition

Since its establishment in the summer of 2019, Solid art has held eleven exhibitions in a two-year period, after deducting the pause of the pandemic and relocation. This special exhibition is launched on the occasion of the Chinese New Year in 2022. Most of the works on display are selected from the gallery’s collections built through past exhibitions. It brings together twelve artists, including nine from Taiwan and three international. The medium spans from painting, sculpture, photography, installation and video. Among them are established artists who are well-known, active in domestic and foreign institutions and recognized by awards, and emerging artists who debuted in commercial galleries for the first time.

This selection is a periodic review of our highly topical and socially engaging curatorial exhibitions, including site-specific works and special commissions, encouraging experimental and ground-breaking works that respond to contemporary society, resonating deeply with Solid Art’s attention to environment, ecology, body, gender, and local history.

By presenting this anniversary show we would like to reflect this epoch fairly, to propose a slice of hybrid reality, aspiring forward thinking, alternative ways of life, inclusive and fluid worldviews with unknowability and possibilities, to face the privilege and dilemma of art, to firmly support and promote continuously the artistic creation that is authentic and of the highest quality.
Photo credit| ANPIS FOTO 王世邦