Dreamer's Wake : Kao Ya-Ting Solo Exhibition


Artist|Kao Ya-Ting

“A miracle, just take a look around: / the inescapable Earth / An additional miracle, extra and ordinary: / All the unimaginable / become imaginable.” – Wislawa Szymborska (1)

Solid Art is honoured to present KAO Ya-Ting’s debut solo exhibition, “Dreamer’s Wake”, with the gallery. This exhibition marks the artist’s first presentation in Taiwan after three years of dedicated preparation. Over 30 new artworks will be showcased, encompassing paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces.

Kao’s artistic creations have consistently depicted an imaginative map integral to her personal beliefs and historical identity through multiple paths. In recent years, her paintings have incorporated classical imagery, family photographs, and other materials, supplemented by imitations as a means of revealing the uncertainty of her self-identity. This solo exhibition marks a significant turning point in Kao’s practice, reflecting her personal life experiences and experimentation with new media. Through the innovative “Punctum” series, the artist intertwines her experiences of pregnancy with research on folklore, mythical beliefs, and dreams. This exhibition not only highlights the feminine narratives and inner emotions within the framework of social structure but also weaves together a worldview that embraces various mysterious origins, emotional energies, and love.

Kao’s works are widely collected by both public and private institutions, including the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Fine Arts. She was the recipient of the 2012 Asian Artist Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center in the United States. Her solo exhibitions, “The Imitation of Faith” (2015) and “Dorothy Crash” (2013), were both nominated for the Taishin Arts Award.

Note1: Szymborska, Wislawa. “Miracle Fair”. THE FINAL. Translated by CHEN Li and CHANG Fen Ling. Aquarius Publishing. 2019.

Sponsors | Cultural Affairs Department, Taipei City Government , National Culture and Arts Foundation