2023 Taipei Dangdai

VIP Preview:2023.05.11
Public Days:2023.05.12-05.14
Venue:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (Booth: DG04)
Artist:Himali Singh Soin

The inaugural presentation of Solid Art at Dangdai is a debut solo show of Himali Singh Soin, an award winning artist based in India and the UK, after the curatorial show ‘Tides in the Body’ held by the gallery in 2022.

We will be presenting the video installation ‘As Grand as What’ by her collective, Hylozoic/Desires, including drummer and musician David Soin Tappeser. Drawing on research into Himali’s namesake, the Himalayas and its animistic rituals and remedies, this immersive environment invites healing and contemplation. They go in search of a lost bla, the term in Tibetan medicine for a subtle life force that runs through the world-body. In the face of extinction and the co-option of healing, the characters explore what a contemporary ritual can be, so as to revive our bodies and the planet with the resonance of sound and the force of the word love.

This presentation is consistent with the annual curatorial project ‘Citing Bar’ , that draws inspiration from the discourse of feminist environmental humanities, in the hope to value different forms of knowledge, ecological wisdom and non-Western worldviews and to pour these transformative energies into a world that is bombarded by crisis. ‘Citing Bar’ is curated by Hung-Fei Wu, with its second exhibition showing works by Himali Singh Soin, scheduled to be on view at the gallery project space starting in early June.