Now and Here



LIN Shu-Kai
CHIU Chieh-Sen
KAO Ya-Ting
CHANG Chih-Chung
TSAI Kuen-Lin
CHENG Nung-Hsuan
“Now and Here” is the first warm-up exhibition of Solid Art. With the theme “landscape”, we invited six young Taiwanese artists to choose a viewpoint which concludes their relationships with landscape and also shows up the crossover of “time” and “land.”

LIN Shu-Kai takes urban scenes as landscapes, combining the wooden molds his father used and his own manuscripts to represent his hermit status in the city. CHIU Chieh-Sen takes maps from different eras as landscapes, through the contemporary viewpoint of the space and the perception of the body, he reproduces a new format different from the original map. KAO Ya-Ting records Taiwanese political and social events that happened in every 10 years as landscapes. Her creation also responds to questions about herself and identity. CHANG Chih-Chung takes the extreme environmental states when he was in the Arctic and Nepal in 2017 as landscapes, rethinking the nature of human existence and the cultural differences, and carefully depicting the journey of the road to “home”. Starting with physical experience, TSAI Kuen-Lin combines local historical stories and geography as the latitude and longitude of creation, between the virtual and the real, he hopes to re-experience the known things through the re-creation of memory.CHENG Nung-Hsuan takes the shape and composition of western classical paintings as landscapes, and adds the brushstroke lines with the effect of erasing, showing the indirect learning path of Taiwanese accepting Western art education is broken and cracked.