2024.05.11 – 2024.07.06

Artists | lololol

I was here now
I was here before
I was here then

I used to do
I used to keep doing
I used to accumulate my existence

Now existence is reflection
The reflection of a unit screen
Decompress many future pasts
Expand expand expand

lololol’s solo exhibition ‘I Was Here Now’ is a collapsing of time against anticipation, in which memory gets up from its seat, stretches its legs, and in a dramatic turn of events, bends towards itself and starts folding into imploded vastness. Decompress many future-pasts. Attention is capital. You stare into rising dust which reflects you and your environment in many forms. Do you wander in the sound space of your extended soul? How do we, as spectators, as engagers, as micro-universes find new means of connecting through expanded senses? These imprints that conjure the fizzing noise of human experience, remain as preserved extracts sulked in the marrow of the sun and moon.