“Edible” is the second exhibition represented by Solid Art. Following the previous exhibition “Now and Here” bringing together the individual experience and collective history that gleam between various places and scenes, “Edible” focuses on two of the most sympathetic aspects in modern daily life- food and planting, gathering four young Taiwanese artists, carrying out narratives in which fruits and vegetables are intertwined with the body and the land.

CHUNG Shun-Wen lives at the foot of Lishan mountain in Meinong, where her family lived for generations. Her “Daily Collection” series is based on self-cultivating fruits and vegetables. From working in the field to the dim dining table, the simple serene time turns into Eastern Gouache painting with delicate Claborate-style. CHEN Hsian-Jung’s “Ice and Juice Bar” ceramic series uses colorful blocks to recall traditional local memories and summer fresh tastes; along with his new work made during his residency in Australia last year responding to the social generation gap brought by modern capitalism, together presents intriguing contrast.

LO Yi-Chun, who has been paying attention to the current environment, society and economic situation for a long time, uses the sun-dried banana skins as the material for “Taste of Ocean” series to depict the portraits of migrant workers who come across the sea. The bittersweet of their life is just like this ordinary but nourishing fruit, being soft and firm against the impact of the wave of globalization. Because the sweet potato looks like the shape of island and that it was endowed with the spirit of Taiwan as a civilian food, it has a colonial context similar to that of bananas. However, in WANG Yi-Ting’s site specific project “Sweet Potato”, it completely reverses the relationship between such subject and object, gently and eloquently returns the life of the domesticated plant and its natural growth posture.

These daily narratives about food/planting are full of sensory taste and story, and also lead to the interaction between human beings, nature, and society, like gently asking how we can start from the top of the tongue and under the feet, to have a broader and deeper imagination and understanding towards ourselves, the other, and other species.